Big Data Roundtables

Departmental Roundtables

In order to spark brainstorming and idea generation on collaborative research in the area of Big Data, the Grad Studies Office offers this opportunity for students to organize department-based discussions.  

Discussions should consider how the specific discipline could engage with Big Data research, including the use and analysis of large, complex data sets, as well as how to envision the most productive collaborations with other disciplines.  What research questions could be generated or answered through the use and analysis of Big Data in your discipline and your work?  What methodologies, tools, or theoretical frameworks used in your discipline could be applied in other areas through collaborative research on Big Data problems?   

What are these roundtables, and what will they accomplish?

These are informal meetings, planned and scheduled by students in your department to stimulate broad discussion on a growing area of research.  Our goal is to stimulate new ideas and to learn from you about possible areas of collaboration between disciplines.  

I'm interested - what do I need to do?

Schedule a meeting for the students in your department, invite them to come, and let us know when it is happening!  If it is helpful we can provide you with a set of discussion questions to get your conversation started, and we would of course appreciate any ideas and feedback generated from the meeting that your group would like to share.  We would also invite participating students to join a mailing list along with potential collaborators that will provide information on forthcoming funding opportunities.   

Will there be food?

Graduate Studies will reimburse up to $50 for food and drink for each department that organizes a meeting.  

What happens once the meeting is over?

All students across Grounds, and especially those who participate in these roundtable discussions, are invited to a Big Data Mixer to be held on November 20.  The purpose of this event is to help facilitate the process of finding potential collaborators in other disciplines to enhance current work, and develop new ideas that may evolve into larger projects and funding proposals, including an application for a Jefferson Trust Big Data Fellowship.  

If you would like to facilitate a departmental roundtable or have further questions, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at

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