Seminar on Advisor/Advisee Relationships (GradDays)

Event: Seminar on Advisor/Advisee Relationships

Date and Time: Wednesday, March 19, 2014,  2:30 - 4:00pm

Location: Newcomb Hall Commonwealth Room

This seminar will introduce ways to initiate and lead critical conversations with colleague, supervisors, and friends. Participants will learn what a critical conversation entails, identify best practices for having successful conversations, and learn about various ways to find and cultivate mentor relationships.

Relationships with advisors and mentors in graduate school and beyond will be stressed, and participants will hear from panelists with a diverse set of experiences and perspectives, including a faculty member with recent experience on both sides of the advisor/advisee relationship. Participants will also have a chance to ask questions and discuss best practices for seeking out and gaining the most from advisor and other mentor relationships.

Panelists for this seminar include Debbie Mincarelli, Director of Human Resources for Arts and Sciences; Melissa Hurst, Director of Graduate Career Development; and Douglas Fordham, Director of Graduate Studies for History of Art and Architecture. Coffee and snacks will be provided.