Getting Job at McKinsey: Conversation with Former McK Consultants

December 2, 2014 | 5:00 pm
Newcomb Hall Kaleidoscope Room

The most useful event of the year if you are pursuing Ph.D. degree and want to land a job at the most prestigious consulting firm!


Join us for a conversation with Rudy Bellani, a neuroscience Ph.D. and former McKinsey consultant who helped lead the firm’s Ph.D. recruiting in New York, and Zach Marks, who developed new strategies to hire talent from non-traditional sources at McKinsey. Rudy and Zach will lay out the landscape of consulting opportunities for Ph.D.s, discuss the application and interview process, and share tips and tricks for landing a job and transitioning from the lab to industry. The presentation will be followed by a candid Q&A session.


When: Tuesday, Dec. 2, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Location: Kaleidoscope Room (north end of the 3rd floor) at Newcomb Hall.


Rudy and Zach recently co-founded Oystir. It is a startup that helps science Ph.D.s find non-academic jobs. Oystir identifies and quantifies Ph.D.s’ skills, then connects them with jobs that require those skills. For more, visit


Rudy Bellani Short Bio:

  • Former Engagement Manager at McKinsey’s New York Office (2012-14; 2.5 years)
  • During his first year at McKinsey, served clients primarily in the healthcare sector before switching to education and technology sectors for his last year and a half
  • Advised clients on strategy, marketing, and talent acquisition
  • PhD in Neuroscience from Rockefeller University where he studied the developmental origins of brain asymmetry

Zach Marks Short Bio:

  • Former Business Analyst at McKinsey’s Philadelphia Office (2011-13; 2.5 years; also did summer internship in 2008)
  • Worked primarily internationally (spent a year doing agriculture development work in South Sudan)
  • First project was in healthcare; later projects in education (where he met Rudy), social and public sectors
  • BA in Ethics, Politics & Economics from Yale

Don't miss this unique opportunity to network and get insider information from the people who know the ins and outs of the APD hiring process at McKinsey!


GSCB and Oystir will conduct the session as a live webcast via Skype to a room at U.Va. Another consulting club on this video call will be the Fourth River Solutions at the University of Pittsburgh.