Archive of Past UVA 3MT Competitions

2016 UVA Three Minute Thesis Results

We are excited to announce the 2016 UVA Three Minute Thesis Results! Congratulations to all eight finalists who presented their dissertation research in an engaging and easy to understand three-minute format on Wednesday, March 2nd in front of a live audience and a panel of judges. The winners of the 4th Annual UVA Three Minute Thesis Competition are:

1st Place: Diana Dinescu, Department of Psychology, "Are single mothers more depressed? A cross-cultural analysis of mental health and public policy"

Tied for Second Place: Benjamin Huang, Department of Chemical Engineering, "A New Approach to Cooling Hypersonic Vehicles" and Bryson Reynolds, Department of Neuroscience, "1000 Impacts per Season" The Effects of Subconcussion"

Audience Choice: Benjamin Huang


James Ascher, Department of English
Melissa Frost, Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese
Trinh Le, Department of Physics
Ali Rohani, Deaprtment of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sarah Thomas, Department of Psychology

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3MT 2016 Finalists

UVa 3MT 2016 Finalists (from L to R): Trinh Le, James Ascher, Benjamin Huang, Ali Rohani, Diana Dinescu, Bryson Reynolds, Melissa Frost, Sarah Thomas

Dianna Dinescu's Winning Video:


2015 3MT Results

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 UVa 3MT Competition that was held on Monday, March 16th. Congratulations to all of our finalists for excellent presentations, and a special congratulations to our winners.

1st Place: Joanna Adadevoh, Chemical Engineering, "Can bacteria with a sense of smell provide clean drinking water?"

2nd Place & Audience Choice: Qi Zhang, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, "Currently no dummies in these rollover crashes - to develop the first rollover crash test dummy"

3rd Place: Gretchen Carlson, Music, "A Jazz Thing: Jazz-Film Interactions and the Shaping of the Jazz Art World, 1980-Present"


Celeste Goh, Microbiology
Robert Kluger, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Colin Qi, Chemical Engineering
Zhiyuan Tao, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Claire Weiss, Art History


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UVA Three Minute Thesis 2015 Winners

UVa 3MT 2015 Winners (from L to R): Gretchen Carlson, Joanna Adadevoh, and Qi Zhang


UVA Three Minute Thesis 2015 Finalists

UVa 3MT 2015 Finalists (from L to R): Claire Weiss, Gretchen Carlson, Robert Kluger, Colin Qi, Celeste Goh,
Joanna Adadevoh, Qi Zhang, and Zhiyuan Tao


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2014 UVA 3MT Results

The 2nd Annual UVa Three Minute Thesis competition was held on September 25, 2014. Congratulations to all 8 of our finalists! The winners of the 2014 UVa 3MT competition are:

1st Place: Stacy Malaker, Chemistry, "Stopping Cancer Before it Starts: Development of a Groundbreaking Vaccine"

2nd Place: Christine Hardigree, Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education, "The Secret Super Powers of Students"

3rd Place: Ajinkya Kamat, Physics, "Can we solve the mystery of 'Neutrinos' at Large Hadron Collider?"

Audience Choice: Eric Greenwald, Biomedical Engineering, "Scaffold Proteins: (un)leashing efficient communication"

Jennifer Barlow, Spanish
Juhi Ranjan, Computer Science
Niranjan Sridhar, Physics
Francesca Tripodi, Sociology


Watch all of the UVa 3MT 2014 Finalist Videos Here!


UVa 3MT 2014 Winners (from L to R): Eric Greenwald, Ajinkya Kamat, Stacy Malake, and Christine Hardigree



2013 UVA 3MT Results

UVA held its inaugural 3MT competition in 2013. Congratulations to finalists and winners of the First Annual UVA 3MT Competition! In addition to winning the UVA 3MT competition, Lindsey Brinton won the People's Choice award in the U21 Grand Final competition!

Winner: Lindsey Brinton, Biomedical Engineering, "Catching Tumors In Their Webs"

Runner Up: George Cortina, Biomedical Engineering, "Using Simulations to Understand Drug Resistance"

Laura Alexander, Religious Studies
Philip Asare, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Christine Monaghan, Curry School of Education
Neil Peterson, School of Nursing


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UVA 3MT Finalists  2013

2013 UVA 3MT Finalists (from L to R): Neil Peterson, Philip Asare, Christine Monaghan, George Cortina, Lindsey Brinton, Laura Alexander


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