Albert Gallatin & Dumas Malone RFP's Are Now Open

February 3, 2014 | 5:00 pm
Grad Studies

The 2014 application process for the The Albert Gallatin and Dumas Malone Graduate Research Fellowship cycle is now open. Student applications should be routed through the home department/ program. Information and application requirements can be found here:

Albert Gallatin Graduate Research Fellowship

Areas of study: Architecture, Art & Architectural History, History, and Politics. Students whose work relates to these areas of study are eligible to apply, regardless of departmental affiliation.

Dumas Malone Graduate Research Fellowship

Areas of study: The fellowship normally will be awarded to eligible students in the School of Architecture and the Departments of History and/or Politics. In the event that no such student is forthcoming in a given year, the fellowship may be awarded to any other graduate student whose research is related to the interests of Mr. Jefferon, regardless of field or discipline.