For Current Students

Below is a number of funding opportunities and resources for graduate students. Programs are divided into University and non-University programs/resources and are organized by application or submission deadline. Programs with rolling application/submission deadlines are listed first.

For external programs, please verify submission deadlines as they may change from year to year. Programs with deadlines that have passed will remain posted so individuals may plan for the upcoming academic year. Please submit additions to

University Programs & Resources


Internal UVA Funding Sources


External Funding Sources


Internal Programs and Resources

Tomorrow's Professor Today: A program for aspiring professors offered by the Teaching Resource Center (TRC), and funded in part by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies (VPR). Research News story Consideration of new applications takes place yearly in May or June. [more info]

Seven Society Graduate Fellowship for Superb Teaching: The Seven Society Fellowship for Superb Teaching is an award for TAs who demonstrate exceptional commitment to their students' learning, knowledge of and passion for their subject, and creativity in their teaching. The recipient is awarded a $7,000 fellowship to further his/her graduate studies. The nomination period typically is from mid-December to the first week of February. [more info]

Graduate Student Survey: This survey of graduate students, conducted in fall 2004, covered such issues as research fees, health insurance, housing, child care, and dining. Co-sponsored by the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Council (GSASC) and the Office of the the Vice President for Research (VPR), a total of 1,969 graduate students were surveyed, with 1,523 responding for a response rate of 77 percent. [more info]

External Programs & Resources

The Virginia Council of Graduate Schools (VCGS) maintains a listing of many graduate and postdoctoral fellowships. Please visit the VCGS Web site to browse fellowship opportunities.

Cornell Univerisity maintains a fellowship database. Fellowships may be searched using the following fields: (1) biological sciences, (2) humanities & arts, (3) physical sciences and engineering, (4) social sciences, (5) women, (6) minorities, (7) international students, (8) summer, (9) study abroad, and (10) post-docs.

Duke University maintains a research funding database. Among the search options are funding opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.