Pre-Proposals for Fellowship Applications

Pre-proposals are due January 15, 2014. Please e-mail complete pre-proposals to no later than 5pm on January 15 for consideration.

What are the required elements of a pre-proposal?

Proposals need to have the following, which can be sent separately (2-page student proposal separate from advisor letters) or all together in one e-mail:

  • Project title
  • A jointly written 2-page, single-spaced research plan (Times New Roman 12-point font or equivalent, standard margins) that includes the project's novelty and how it will enhance each student's research objectives
    • 2-page limit does not include references, which are not required but, if included, may be listed on a separate page
  • A half-page, signed statement from each student's advisor explaning why her or his student is appropriate for the project, including the student's qualifications for the research as well as evidence of her/his collaborative spirit

What will happen after we submit a pre-proposal?

 Pre-proposals will be judged by an interdisciplinary panel of faculty charged with selecting the most promising proposals. Winning teams will receive travel awards in the amount of $500 per student. It is not necessary to submit a pre-proposal in order to apply for the Jefferson Trust Fellowship, but we do recommend taking this opportunity to work on a collaboration and obtain feedback.

How will our team work on this pre-proposal?

Students may work in whatever way best facilitates their collaboration.  Below is a list of "Open Hours" available at the OpenGrounds studio during which teams are especially invited to work together on their visions for collaborative research projects. During the semester, Open Hours run every weekday from 2-5pm and 7-11:30pm, and Sundays from 11am-midnight. At most other times, Open Hours are available from 2-5pm. Please check the OpenGrounds calendar at for exact times.

Suggested Open Hours times:

·         Sun, Nov 24, 2-4pm

·         Tues, Nov 26, 2-4pm

·         Mon, Dec 2, 7-9pm

·         Thurs, Dec 5, 7-9pm

·         Sun, Dec 8, 5-7pm

·         Wed, Dec 11, 3-5pm

·         Tues, Dec 17, 2-4pm

·         Mon, Jan 6, 3-5pm

·         Fri, Jan 10, 2-4pm

·         Tues, Jan 14, 7-9pm


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