Environmental Resilience and Sustainability Fellowships

The information below pertains to the 2015 competition for these fellowships.  Information on the 2016 competition is located here:  https://gradstudies.virginia.edu/GERF
In support of the pan-university initiative on Resilience, the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs is soliciting applications for graduate students engaging in interdisciplinary work in the area of environmental resilience and sustainability. 
The Environmental Resilience and Sustainability (ERS) fellowships will advance interdisciplinary research projects in the three broad areas of: 
  1. Water, food and energy security - understanding mechanisms that enable resilience of water, food and energy resources in the context of climate, land-use, and population changes; integrating science, economics, policy, public health and ethics, and technological innovation.
  2. Resilient communities - resilience of built and natural systems to climate change and natural hazards, including land-climate feedbacks, coastal and urban resilience, tipping points, social networks and innovations. 
  3. Stewardship and governance - social feedbacks involving public policy, cultural identity, philosophy, history, ecocriticism, individual behavior and collective action, ethics, and the arts that contribute to resilience and well-being.
Successful applicants will receive $8000 in funding to support projects designed with the guidance of faculty members from two different disciplines, with the option of an additional $4000 to support work conducted by an undergraduate.  Funds could be used to support summer research (including stipend), travel to field sites, and other research-related needs.  Preference will be given to projects that include an undergraduate researcher.  
Application Process:
Applicants are asked to provide the folllowing:
  • A project statement of no more than two pages that describes the proposed project and how it relates to one of the main topical areas of focus (from the three above)
  • Letters of recommendation and support from two faculty advisors who will guide the projcect with the student.  The two advisors must represent different disciplines.  In the case that an undergraduate is involved in the project, the letters should also attest to the ability of the graduate student to mentor and support the undergraduate student throughout the proposed research project
  • A  budget outlining how funds will be used
  • A one-page role description of the undergraduate student (if appropriate)
  • A graduate student CV
  • Unofficial transcripts for both the graduate and undergraduate students

With the exception of the recommendation letters, which should be submitted separately, all application materials should be compiled in a single PDF and submitted electronically to gradstudies@virginia.edu.  All materials must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM on Monday, April 27 2015.