Resources For Pregnancy, Birth, And Infancy

Helpful Tips

U.Va. Intramural-Recreational Sports, the U.Va. Health System and Martha Jefferson Hospital  offer classes such as prenatal and postpartum swimming, parenting, and other classes helpful to parents or soon-to-be parents. Watch newspapers and check their Web sites.

Charlottesville is a great place to give birth to a child. The two local hospitals, the U.Va. Medical Center and Martha Jefferson Medical Center, both provide delivery services and offer various benefits. U.Va. is usually busier and it is a teaching hospital, so often your child will be delivered by a resident with an attending physician standing close by. Martha Jefferson is a traditional hospital and provides a more intimate birthing experience. U.Va. offers more emergency services if they are needed and has more resources for high-risk deliveries. U.Va. has separate delivery and recovery rooms, which some students have indicated was not the best experience. Whichever hospital you choose, both offer birthing classes and other prenatal and post-birth classes for parents and children.

There are numerous OB/GYN physicians in Charlottesville, so you may want to check the phone book or with local hospitals  to find the care that's right for you. A few of the larger offices/centers are listed below.

Women's Health at U.Va.

Departments include: general obstetrics and gynecology, reproductive medicine and fertility, uro-gynecology, teen health center, midlife health, gynecologic oncology, maternal fetal medicine, breast care, community classes and education, prenatal diagnosis and treatment center.

Women's Health at U.Va. | (434) 243-3675 

University Physicians for Women at Northridge

The General Obstetrics and Gynecology Department for the University of Virginia Health Systems provides services at the Northridge office building between Ivy Road and 250 West, and is a department of the Women's Place at UVA.

General Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northridge | Appointments: (434) 243-4570 | Information on Classes: 924-3791

Charlottesville Women's Services, P.L.C.

Specializes in gynecological surgery and menopause, infertility, and obstetrical care. Privileges at Martha Jefferson Hospital.

(434) 244-4590 | 1490 Pantops Mountain Place, Suite 105

Jefferson ObGyn Ltd.

Obstetrics, gynecology, infertility, laser surgery, laparoscopic surgery, pelvic floor reconstruction and treatment of urinary incontinence.

(434) 977-4488 or 982-7825 | 600 Peter Jefferson Parkway, Suite 290.

Martha Jefferson Women's Health Center

"Family-centered maternity care." Board-certified primary care and specialty physicians, Breast Health Center, mammography services, prenatal diagnosis center offers first trimester screenings.

Martha Jefferson Women's Health Center  

Stork Diaper Service

Complete cloth diaper service and delivery.

(434) 295-2594

Body Mind Spirit Center for Life Enhancement

Prenatal and postpartum yoga classes. Babies can attend and participate in postpartum class. Children's yoga. Massage therapy, aromatherapy, spiritual counseling.

(434) 294-5451| Glass Building, 313 2nd St. SE, Suite 211

WIC Program (Women, Infants and Children)

Federal Program run by Virginia Department of Health. Provides nutritional counseling and health assessments of children up to five years of age and/or pregnant, postpartum or breast-feeding women. Also provides nutritional supplementation of various food items or infant formula. Proof of income required to qualify.

(434) 972-6206


Pediatric Associates of Charlottesville

Sixteen pediatricians in three offices. Open 365 days a year with nurses on call 24 hours a day. They also offer urgent care services and evening and weekend appointments are available. The adolescent center in their downtown office specializes in providing care for teens and older children. Separate waiting rooms for sick and healthy children. Lactation consultant on staff.

UVA’s Pediatric Services

The following four clinics are part of the University's Children Hospital. The Children's Hospital also has services in a wide variety of pediatric specialties ranging from cardiology to urology. Check the Yellow Pages for additional information.

UVA Primary Care Center: 1215 Lee Street | (434) 924-5321

Pediatrics at Northridge: 2955 Ivy Road, Suite 303 | (434) 980-6555

Teen Health Center: 1400 W Main Street | (434) 982-0900