Funding Discovery Tools Workshop

Funding discovery databases help researchers identify opportunities from public and private funders.  UVa now has access to two discovery tools licensed by the Vice Provost of Research, Pivot and GrantForward.  These tools allow faculty, students and staff to search for funding and set up email search alerts based on a researcher’s area of interest.  After the workshop, the attendees will learn how to create an account, search the databases, share funding opportunities with others, as well as save search strategies for email alerts regarding new opportunities.  All students, faculty and sta

Search Smart: Utilizing Job and Intership Search Resources

So where can you find an internship or job? This workshop will actively show you how to use a variety of search tools including helpful resources in Handshake to maximize your internship or job search efforts. Bring your laptop to engage and explore the possibilities while learning how to make the process more focused and efficient. Reserve your spot today!


Hosted by the UVA Career Center.

Serving Society Conference - Learn about public service careers!

Want to make a difference in the world? Enjoy volunteering? Curious if you can make a living in a public service career? Register for the first annual Serving Society Conference. This event will introduce you to careers in social entrepreneurship, NGOs, Nonprofits, Social Work, Counseling and Religious/Spiritual organizations. You will also connect with key alumni working in these fields. Students are invited to take part in the full day or individual sessions as your schedule allows. 

International Student Series: Working in the U.S. (CPT/OPT/H1B)

This is the final program of the series designed to assist international students as they look and prepare for opportunities in the U.S. During this workshop will host an immigration attorney who will discuss the various requirements surrounding working in the U.S. Topics will include OPT, HB1 visas, immigration status and the lottery. Register here.


Hosted by the UVA Career Center and the McIntire Career Center

Film Industry Networking Breakfast

If you are currently involved in film or pursuing a career in entertainment after you graduate, this event is for you. In partnership with the Virginia Film Festival, this event puts students in the room with young filmmakers and UVA alumni who are traveling to Charlottesville to participate in the Festival. Attendees may include film school faculty, filmmakers, directors, or other industry professionals. Register today to receive more information about how to participate in this invite-only event!

UVA Alumni Webinar: Switching Careers Successfully

Want to switch your career path, but feel overwhelmed about how to get started on the path to that new industry or role? Join UVA alumnus Patrick Payne, a recruiter who has worked for top companies, to get the inside scoop on what recruiters look for in career switchers, and how to successfully position yourself for a new career. Reserve your spot today!


Hosted by UVA Alumni Career Services


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