3mt Video Archive

2018 UVa 3MT

UVA 3MT 2018 Winner and Audience Choice

Charlie Clark, Chemistry

"Reducing the Backlog of Secual Assault Samples"

UVA 3MT 2018 2nd Place

Carlos Noyes, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

"One Extreme Step Towards Energy Sustainability"

UVA 3MT 2018 3rd Place

Shahzad Khan, Neuroscience

"Finding Common Ground in Brain Diseases: How Alzheimer's and
Parkinson's Relate"

Ahmed Alshareef, Biomedical Engineering

"The Impact of Concussion"

Brynn Cook, Environmental Sciences

"Pollination in a Polluted Atmosphere"

Hamed Joodaki, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

"Seat Belt Design Considering Obese Occupants"

Katharine Meyer, Education Policy

"Going To and Through College: Helping Students Navigate the
Postsecondary Transition"

Jeremy Shaw, Experimental Pathology

"Evaluating CNLs in Head and Neck Cancer"

2017 UVa 3MT

UVA 3MT 2017 Winner and Audience Choice

Mohamad Alipoiur, Civil Engineering

"The Citizen Engineer: Crowd-Sourced Data Analytics as an
Infrastructure Monitoring Solution"

UVA 3MT 2017 2nd Place

Elahe Soltanaghaei, Computer Science

"Device-free Human Detection using WiFi Signals"

UVA 3MT 2017 3rd Place

Xiang Wan, Mathematics

"A Mathematical Treatment of Heating and Bending"

Jon Bellona, Music

"Physical Composition: The Musicality of Body Movement"

Sarah Gray, Pharmacology

"How does insulin get into the brain and is it affected by diet?"

Kathryn Kingsmore, Biomedical Engineering

"Brain Cancer Cells Go with the Flow"

Robert Kubinec, Politics

"Making Democracy Safe for Business"

Kelley Virgilio, Biomedical Engineering

"Computer models of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) predict 
the effectiveness of therapies"



2016 UVa 3MT

UVA 3MT 2016 Winner

Diana Dinescu, Psychology

"Are single mothers more depressed? A cross-cultural analysis

of mental health and public policy"

UVA 3MT 2016 2nd Place and Audience Choice

Benjamin Huang, Chemical Engineering

"A New Approach to Cooling Hypersonic Vehicles"

UVA 3MT 2016 2nd Place

Bryson Reynolds, Neuroscience

"1000 Impacts per Season: The Effects of Subconcussion"

James Ascher, English

"The Literary Features of Scientific Printing in the Eighteenth Century"

Melissa Frost, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese

"A History of Hallucinogenic Plants in Colonial Mexico"

Trinh Le, Physics

"All we want to know about 'neutrinos' in 3 minutes"

Ali Rohani, Electrical & Computer Engineering

"Where is Waldo? New hopes in early detection of cancer"

Sarah Thomas, Psychology

"Detecting Cheating on Standardized Tests"



2015 UVa 3MT

Joanna Adadevoh, Chemical Engineering

"Can bacteria with a sense of smell provide
 clean drinking water?"

Qi Zhang, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

"Currently no dummies in these rollover crashes - to develop
 the first rollover crash test dummy"

Gretchen Carlson, Music

"'A Jazz Thing:' Jazz-Film Interactions and the Shaping
 of the Jazz Art World, 1980-Present"

Celeste Goh, Microbiology

"Immunoregulation of Hepatitis C Virus: Why is HCV
 such a nasty little bugger?"

Robert Kluger, Civil & Environmental Engineering

"Roadway Safety Screening with an Emerging Vehicle

Colin Qi, Chemical Engineering

"'Charging' electric vehicles in minutes: Development of a
 novel flow battery"

Zhiyuan Tao, Civil & Environmental Engineering

"Shale, the feasible target to store CO2?"

Claire Weiss, Art History

"Where the Sidewalk Ends: Roman Urbanism and Pedestrian     



2014 UVa 3MT

Stacy Malaker, Chemistry

"Stopping Cancer Before it Starts: Development of a

Groundbreaking Vaccine"

Christine Hardigree

Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education

"The Secret Super Powers of Students"

Ajinkya Kamat, Physics

"Can we solve the mystery of 'Neutrinos' at Large

Hadron Collider?"

Eric Greenwald, Biomedical Engineering

"Scaffold Proteins: (un)leashing efficient communication"

Jennifer Barlow, Spanish

"Iberian Daughters of Sappho: Female Friendship

in Early Modern Spain"

Juhi Ranjan, Computer Science

"Enabling Energy Conservation via a Personal

Energy Metering System"

Niranjan Sridhar, Physics

"A Quantum Leap for Computing"

Francesca Tripodi, Sociology



2013 UVa 3MT

Lindsey Brinton, Biomedical Engineering

"Catching Tumors in Their Webs"

Winner of U21 3MT People's Choice Award!

Neil Peterson, Nursing

"American Idle: Sedentary Time and Health"

Laura Alexander, Religious Studies

"Human Rights, Just War, and the Responsibility to Protect"

Christine Monaghan, Curry School of Education

"What Refugee Education Can Tell Us About Global Citizenship"

Philip Asare, Computer Engineering

"Is My Body Area Safe for the Patient?"