Dumas Malone Graduate Research Fellowship

The trustees of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, Inc. established the Dumas Malone Fellowship in honor of Mr. Malone's service to the University and the Foundation. The fellowship was initiated to support the research of outstanding, advanced graduate students with a need to investigate archives, or other repositories of information, in a foreign country or countries.

Awards will be announced in mid-April.  Dumas Malone funds will be available for disbursement to those receiving an award, on or after September 1, 2022 for research to be undertaken during the 2022-23 academic year.  


Applicants must be current Ph.D. students.


Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Application materials

  1. A two-page, single-spaced description of the study to be undertaken
  2. Two letters of reference from faculty, or others familiar with the project
  3. A U.Va. transcript (unofficial transcript is satisfactory)
  4. A statement of all other awards, including amounts, for which the applicant/nominee has applied during the same time period and for the same research proposal
  5. A curriculum vitae (CV)
  6. A detailed budget outlining specific research-related travel and expenditures (optional template)

Note:  The award will not fund University tuition, fees or student health insurance premiums.

Additionally, applicants in Arts & Sciences may request relief from teaching obligations in one or both terms to facilitate dissertation research away from Charlottesville. In such cases, the award will provide $5K in fellowship funds per term to replace the wage portion of a student’s standard living support from the Graduate School so that the student will remain fully funded. The duration of the relief (one or two terms) must be clearly justified by the scope and timeline of the research as outlined in proposal.

Submit applications here.

For students granted a Malone Graduate Research Fellowship in Spring 2020, please visit our Award Guidelines page for additional guidance related to activating your fellowship/award.