PhD+ Statistical Analysis in R 4: Logistic Regression

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This is the fourth session of the Statistical Analysis in R (2022 Fall pilot) series, developed through collaboration with UVA Health’s Health Sciences Library. This session will explore logistic regression models, useful when the outcome variable is not a continuous variable, but rather is binary. Learners will connect these models to linear regressions they are familiar with and will spend much of their time making sure they understand the interpretation of the output. INSTRUCTOR Marieke Jones, Research Data Specialist, UVA Health Sciences Library PRE-REQUISITES REQUIRED  Participants MUST have working knowledge of R and RStudio, preferably with previous experience using tidyverse packages (dplyr and ggplot2). This series’ pre-requisite may be met through any of the following: Attendance at Health Sciences Library’s 4 workshops in R (offered monthly) Participation in at least 3 sessions of PhDPlus Data Literacy in R series (offered Spring semester annually) Participation in Brain Immunology and Glia Center Learn R series (offered Fall annually) Completion of a curricular course using R (within the past 3 years) Independent learning of R and instructor approval SESSION DATES Virtual format | Oct 19, Oct 26, Nov 2, Nov 9, Nov 16 (Wednesdays), 10 am – 12 pm (ET) Please hold dates on your calendar after registration.  REGISTRATION LINK * Registration closes on Oct 14, and instructors will evaluate prerequisites and make announcements by Oct 17.  
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