PhD+ Statistical Analysis in R 2: ANOVA

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This is the second session of the Statistical Analysis in R (2022 Fall pilot) series, developed through collaboration with UVA Health’s Health Sciences Library. This session will extend learners’ knowledge of linear regression to cases with a single categorical independent variable. Learners will develop fluency interpreting the output of one-way ANOVA models by visualizing the results before learning about 2-way ANOVAs with and without an interaction term. INSTRUCTOR Marieke Jones, Research Data Specialist, UVA Health Sciences Library Pre-Requisites Required  Participants MUST have working knowledge of R and RStudio, preferably with previous experience using tidyverse packages (dplyr and ggplot2). This series’ pre-requisite may be met through any of the following: Attendance at Health Sciences Library’s 4 workshops in R (offered monthly) Participation in at least 3 sessions of PhDPlus Data Literacy in R series (offered Spring semester annually) Participation in Brain Immunology and Glia Center Learn R series (offered Fall annually) Completion of a curricular course using R (within the past 3 years) Independent learning of R and instructor approval   SESSION DATES Virtual format | Oct 19, Oct 26, Nov 2, Nov 9, Nov 16 (Wednesdays), 10 am – 12 pm (ET) Please hold dates on your calendar after registration.  REGISTRATION LINK * Registration closes on Oct 14, and instructors will evaluate prerequisites and make announcements by Oct 17.  
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