PhD+ Foundations [Special Topic]: Personal Finance

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Ridley Hall, Room G008 (School of Education & Human Development)
This is a special topic with an invited speaker of the PhD+ Fall 2022 Foundations series. This discussion on personal finance offers guidance on common topics related to financial literacy, financial well-being, and how to learn relevant topics during graduate school.  Living from paycheck to paycheck can add stress to the already complex Graduate School and Postdoc training experience. In this workshop, learn the basics of finance management, budgeting, and strategies to manage your expenses within the Graduate Student or Postdoc stipend structure. Use these strategies to develop a financial plan to fit your personal needs towards a balanced life.   SPEAKER Andrew Pennock, Ph.D. - Andy Pennock is an associate professor of public policy at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. He serves UVA as the faculty director of Batten’s MPP orientation program, on Batten’s curriculum committee, and as an elected member of the Executive Council of the Faculty Senate.  Dr. Pennock was highlighted in UVA Today in spring 2022 (, and we have invited him to do this workshop through PhD Plus for graduate students across Grounds.  REGISTRATION  
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